Wed Night June/July Series 2017

Proofing Report for Race Race 5

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Thursday, August 3, 2017 10:18:21 AM EDT

Sail Finish
Penalty Full Rtg Boat/Skipper Division/Subdivision
1 51102 06:46:17.0   PHRF/60 KINDRED SPIRITS/ Joy, Butch PHRF A/
2 48 06:49:30.0   PHRF/126 IN DEEP/ Warren, Bob PHRF A/
3 50974 06:51:25.0   PHRF/23 ARION/ De Pietro, Nancy PHRF A/
4 73195 06:51:26.0   PHRF/144 Fir Na Tine/ Gleason, Rich PHRF B/
5 621 06:52:45.0   PHRF/150 NO QUARTER GIVEN/ Thornhill, Mark PHRF A/
6 1220 06:53:36.0   PHRF/177 Voyager/ Sargent, Ed PHRF B/
7 125 06:56:41.0   PHRF/99 Billy Budd/ Lee, Jeffery PHRF B/
8 41289 06:52:04.0   PHRF/129 Coconuts PHRF B/
DNC 275 No Time DNC PHRF/237 CHICKADEE/ Smith, Charlie PHRF B/
DNC 710 No Time DNC PHRF/360 Brisk/ Nicholson, Nick PHRF B/
DNC 863 No Time DNC PHRF/270 Not Trying/ Srisirikul, Kai PHRF B/
DNC 43800 No Time DNC PHRF/84 MORPHEUS/ Schwebach, Peter PHRF A/

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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