2020 MYC Fall RTB Race

Proofing Report for Race 2020 MYC's Round the Bay Race

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Saturday, September 19, 2020 5:33:53 PM EDT

Sail Finish
Penalty Full Rtg Boat/Skipper Division/Subdivision
1 51824 15:27:42.0   PHRF/39 Blue Pigeon Too/ Gordon, Melissa Cruising Division/
2 51102 15:30:36.0   PHRF/51 Kindred Spirits/ Joy, Butch Racing Division/
3 563 15:32:25.0   PHRF/90 Hardtack/ Schmitt, Matt Racing Division/
4 33 15:38:02.0   PHRF/65 Bella Sirena/ Barnes, Jim Racing Division/
5 227 15:40:58.0   PHRF/90 Waterwolf/ Lobo, Ed Racing Division/
6 621 16:22:36.0   PHRF/150 No Quarter Given/ Thornhill, Mark Cruising Division/
7 73195 16:32:42.0   PHRF/144 Fir Na Tine/ Gleason, Rich Cruising Division/
8 125 16:52:56.0   PHRF/99 Billy Budd/ Lee, Jeffery Cruising Division/
9 116 16:54:13.0   PHRF/171 Windward/ Newton, Peter Cruising Division/
DNS 141 No Time DNS PHRF/150 Shannon/ Brossi, William Cruising Division/
DNS 41880 No Time DNS PHRF/78 KAOS/ Belliveau, Scott Cruising Division/

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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